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Halloween Jem Pics

Ok as promised I did take out my Halloween Jem costume that I did back in 2006 and snapped some pics for you all. ;0) Sorry about the wrinkles though. I haven't worn it again since 2006. Also I didn't have a sewing machine at the time that I decided to make this so ummm yeah sorry for any goof ups ya might see.

To be safe I'll put the pics behind a cut for you.

Ok this is the picture that caused the spark of inspiration...

And this is me on Halloween night... (sadly I don't have the wig anymore. I made the mistake of letting a friend borrow it to a party and it was returned ruined. Yeah, I was a bit miffed.)

The costume is 2 pieces so I only took pics of the top half since that is where most of the work is and the bottom half was just a plain black long skirt...

The top (the cape is attached to the top)

Close up...
I found these 2 wooden circles that I used to attach the cape to the top and painted them.

The outside of the cape...

The inside of the cape...

The ends of the sleeve...

I also played around with makeup too.
Cartoon pic used as a guide...

And my makeup results from it...

Umm ok so there you have it! Again sorry about the wrinkles and what not. Eep! ;0)
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