Intro post ^_^

Yay! Cosplayers my age! ^_^ I've never actually thought about being too old for cosplay right now, but often I think, "Will I still be doing this when I am 30?"

I hope so, because I love it ^_^ It's great to see so many people out there that are my age or older and still cosplaying. Gives me hope that I can only continue and get better!

I do feel a little old to be cosplaying Sasuke from Naruto now, but that is why i keep doing my own original variations of him. But I've also moved onto more complicated outfits that involve awesome props XD I've made almost 40 outfits since 2002 and my biggest problem now is figuring out which one to wear to what cons XD

So I guess I'll show some of my favorite pictures of my favorite outfits under the cut ^_^

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But my whole gallery is here:
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There's nothing like being a cosplayer at the same age as Jack Benny. It is great to find a community of other folks in the same boat.

My whole family started cosplaying just 3 years ago, and we love it. The other day, my wife even caught our youngest (6) trying to stealthily cosplay to school as Sasuke.

I'm not sure if my wife is up for posting her pics, so I'll just throw up mine for now:

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Hey people, I love the concept behind this community, so I thought I'd be a bit more active to help it get off the ground, and do an intro post.
I'm not 25 yet, I'm a year off, but i understand completely what it's like to be standing with a group of cosplayers at a con and suddenly realize I'm the oldest one there, or have issues with people in your cosplay group say they can't go after months of planning cause they're grounded. Or have the people in costume next to me start talking about how long they have to wait before they turn 18 and can go out drinking, then ask me to buy alcohol for them. Oh, and I'm in Australia too, which means there are fewer cons to cosplay at.
I've decided I'm going to re-do my oldest, and one of my fav costumes, Lulu from FF10. I'm going to keep what i liked, and fix what i didn't.

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More Cosplay videos

Here is my Cosplay group and I again … this was our second skit that we did in 2004 at Ohayocon. I would like to say you don’t get to see it but I did try to administer mouth to mouth to that fish XD. (I’m the Count D btw)

and yet again ^__^;; I’m not in this one though but they are so wonderful in this I thought I’d post it.
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this was 2002 at Ohayocon ^___^ it was my cosplay group's first skit! and it's one of my all time favorites!

oh yeah this is my intro btw ha ha ^_^;;;

I'll be 27 this summer! but I don't see myself ever stopping I enjoy dressing up in costume WAY too much! kids these days have no idea ... anime has become so easily attainable campared to when I was first starting out.

I started cosplying in 2000 (I believe its starting to get fuzzy)
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Hi, cosplayers over 25!!! My friend led me here, and now that I'm here I can't remember which username she posted under...glittersnap most likely. Anyway, I've been over 25 for quite a while now, and while I think that can be an advantage for cosplay (more experience, having a job that helps me afford decent materials), it also can be a disadvantage (feeling strong annoyance at the teenyboppers sugoi-ing and kawaii-ing their way around a con). I think about stopping sometimes...but then I look at my pictures and remember how happy cosplaying makes me. And all those awesome plastic trophies.
In addition to cosplay...I'm a 4th grade teacher, and of course none of them know about my hobby...and a ball joint doll enthusiast.
Anyway, on to my pics (which for the most part have been taken by Shizzo):
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There are others, but I can't seem to find decent pics at the username on is jayyne, same on
Also, I might not comment frequently on costumes because I'm on a dial-up connection, but I will be reading entries and looking at costumes when they're not too intense for my super slow connection.
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Question for fun

Now, this community is off to a wonderful start, and we've been treated to some fantastic introduction pictures with costumes.

But, I don't want this community to have a spike at the beginning and then die off quickly, so I'm going to post a question for us to talk about. It's an easy one, an obvious one, but a fun one.

What is your absolute dream costume? If you could have any costume in the world, what would it be?

Mine is Kadaj from FF7 AC or maybe one of the Ah My Goddess! outfits.

Bit if a divide, I know. :-)

What's yours? If you have your dream costume, feel free to post pictures. Or, if you just want to post a picture of the character/costume you want for cosplay, you can do that to.

You can reply here or post in the community.
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Send the kids out of the room and blindfold Grandma, I'm here! As for my age, it's old enough to be offended that you asked. ;)

I've been making costumes since I was kindergarten and have been costuming in earnest ten years this fall. My progression from "bad" to "somewhat tolerable" can be view at my website, , or at American Cosplay Paradise:

Cheers to being of age! ;D