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Adults who Cosplay

We're over 25, We Cosplay, Get used to it!

Adults who love to Cosplay
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We love costumes.

We love dressing up as our favorite characters.

We love going to conventions.

We are not children.

Are you older than the average cosplayer? Then join us! This community was created for cosplayers over 25, but you don't need to be over 25 to join. If you're tired of the "aren't you too old to wear that?" comment, you can join.

Note: This is not a forum for “Adult” or sexual cosplay, only for cosplayers who are no longer teenagers or in their early twenties and still like to cosplay. While erotic cosplay is not forbidden here, it is not nor should it be the focus of the community.

Thank you.

Only rules are keep it on topic and keep it polite.